Ford Trucks produced the biggest Ford Trucks F-MAX with its power, technology, cabin wideness and it quickly joined within premium trailers. Here you can take a look at “International Truck of the Year” awarded F-MAX’s commercial, printed ads and all the other works released in Turkey and Europe.​​​​​​​
Print Ads

Client: Ford Trucks
Advertising Agency: Happy People Project
Executive Creative Director: Yaşar Akbaş
Creative Director: Atilla Karabay​​​​​​​, İdil Akoğlu
Creative Team: Yiğit Ayvazoğlu, Mert Sönmez, Gökhan Önceltekin, Gizay Samancı, Seray Samancı
Production Company: İstanbuldogz
Director: Lieven van Baelen
Photographer: Şenol Altun
3D & Retouch: Alld Studio
Catalogue Images: Eventmania, Bee İstanbul

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